Advanced Hearing Aid Solutions

"to serve your hearing needs for your empowerment and enjoyment of life"

"I've felt as if I've been treated like a member of his family.  Mr. Ham is patient, caring, knowledgeable and experienced. He has a great sense of humor and I feel comfortable with him.  I would recommend him to anyone who believes he or she has hearing issues."  --George Z., Attorney via Yelp

"Dr. Ham made needing to get my hearing checked totally comfortable. I have bad tinnitus and hearing loss at a certain tone range, and I wanted to see some of the options I might have. He was kind and understanding of the issues I was having with my hearing, and in his assessment, he was articulate and informative, and he made me aware of a variety of options as well as payment plans." --Ryan K., Actor via Google Pages

"My father visited Advanced Hearing Aid Solutions last Friday. Dr. Ham helped my father out with his hearing aid. Absolutely wonderful service! I highly recommend this company!" --Charles "Chuck" H., USMC via Yelp